How do you describe your style as a photographer?

As photographers, we consider ourselves story tellers. We like to photograph natural reactions and aim to minimise direction during shoots. This way, we capture the true essence of people, rather than a forced smile.


How far in advance do I have to book you to photograph my wedding?

It is advisable to contact us as soon as you know the date you are wishing to book us for as we do book up fast. Most of our wedding clients book twelve to eighteen months in advance of their wedding. However, don’t hesitate to check if we are available last minute, as you never know your luck.


How do I book you?

To secure a booking we require a signed contract and a 25% deposit. Unfortunately we can only secure your booking with both of these in place.


Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured for public liability up to two million pounds. If you or your wedding venue wish to see a copy of insurance documents, please ask.


I have seen photographers on Facebook offering full day coverage for £300. Why are you so expensive?

We have seen these offers. Unfortunately, we have also seen the horror stories that result from some of these "bargain photographers". When you choose us, you are paying for the quality of our work and our specialist knowledge.  Not only that, but you have the security of us being fully insured and us having systems in place that can cope with any situation. From a camera failure mid-wedding through to a computer crashing and losing all the photographs, we have systems in place to solve this.  


We have a friend or family member who takes good photos. Couldn't we just get him to do it?

You could yes, but would you not prefer them to relax and enjoy your special day with you? There are some people who take very good photographs, but unfortunately are simply not able to deliver great images under the variety of situations that a wedding photographer faces, especially if they are also busy being a guest. Also, they are unlikely to have the relevant insurance that many wedding venues require. We understand the expense that accompanies a wedding, however, if you need to bring costs down, we would advise you to look elsewhere and leave the lasting memories of your biggest day in the hands of a professional, after all, it is your photographs and your wedding rings that you will have for the longest time.


What type of cameras do you use?

We use full frame Canon cameras. More importantly, we use the highest quality lenses which allow us to capture images in incredibly low light conditions without using flash. We also use an off camera lighting system which helps set our portraits apart from many "traditional wedding photographers". Carl also teaches photography, so if you want to get all nerdy about f-stops, Carl is the man to talk to.


Your portfolio is lovely, but can I see a full wedding?

Yes, in fact we insist! Only when you see a full wedding do you get to see a photographer's true style. Once we have met to discuss your day we send you access to full weddings via our website. That way, you get to see not only our beautiful photography throughout a real wedding day, but you also see the way that we deliver the images to you and your guests.


The Vicar has expressed concern over photographers distracting the ceremony.

Every vicar or registrar we speak to has their wedding photographer horror story. The unfortunate thing is, some photographers can forget that the day is about more than the photography. Their need to get a photo comes at the expense of everyone, even the bride and groom. Please reassure them that we stay fairly static and never use flash during the wedding ceremony. If you are getting married in a church, we would recommend that you discuss photography with the vicar in advance, as there are some venues that have a strict no photography policy. We also like to contact the vicar or registrar personally prior to the wedding. This makes sure we respect their boundaries, as well as reassuring them that we will be discreet. 


Do we need to feed you on the wedding day?

A wedding is a long day for everyone. We do not want to be spending part of your day wondering where we can get dinner, or retreating back to the car for a warm sandwich to try and fuel us. We do not expect a full wedding breakfast, but a hot meal at the same time you are eating is considered best.  This is because we refrain from taking photos when people are eating, as we want your guests to enjoy their meal and not feel self concious about a photographer catching them mid-mouthful.


How long do we wait to see our pictures?

Good things come to those who wait. We aim to get an online gallery of your photos to you within two weeks of your wedding day.


Why do we not get full copyright to our photos?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstanding around this issue and some photographers and wedding bloggers have only made things worse. The simple answer is, you do not need the copyright to your images, you need a license to them. 

We include full personal print licensing with all wedding images, which means you can use and print your wedding photos as you wish and we can say we shot them. We are extremely proud of all of our work and want to claim it as our own. Our contract explains all of your rights, but you really do not need anything other than personal print licensing.


We don't live in Lincolnshire, are you still able to photograph our wedding?

We are available throughout the United Kingdom. We will happily travel for your wedding and can easily conduct meetings over FaceTime or Skype. There may be a charge for accommodation & meals if necessary, but we will quote this at the time of booking, so you will know the exact price before you book. We are also available for destination weddings, so if you want to get married in Byron Bay, rest assured we will cope!  


How do you approach gay marriage and civil partnerships?

The same way we approach every wedding, with the simple aim of taking photographs that make you look amazing!


Do you ever do special offers?

We do from time to time, you will find our latest offers our Facebook page


How many photos can I expect?

It is impossible to give an exact figure, but we start shooting when we arrive and only stop when you do. We aim to deliver a minimum of three hundred images.


Do you show all the photographs you shoot?

No. We weed out all the shots where people have their eyes closed etc., leaving you with only the best. Believe us, there will be plenty for you to choose from.


Do you personally retouch every image?

Yes, each image gets personally edited by us so it arrives with you looking its very best. This process includes colour correction and perfecting the exposure. We do not however, do full airbrushing of images like you will have seen in magazines as we feel this is not the real story of your day. Advanced airbrushing of images can be requested, but this is at extra cost.


Do you shoot in black & white?

We shoot in digital and do process certain shots to black & white as we feel they work better that way and are happy to process any specific images to black and white for you. We do avoid adding any “hip” filters or effects though, as we want our images to be timeless. Remember, the shell suit was in trend once!


Do you shoot film?

We do like to shoot a couple of rolls at weddings just to mix things up for you. If you would like us to do this at your wedding, please mention this at our meeting and we will gladly oblige.


How many photographers will be present?

We shoot with one photographer and one assistant. We prefer this approach as it limits the paparazzi feeling that can happen with multiple photographers present. 


Is it OK for guests to take pictures?

Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way. All we ask is that that guests refrain from taking photos during any portrait sessions, as it can be very distracting for the couple.


Are you available to shoot christenings or other events?

The simple answer is yes. Please get in touch with your requirements and let’s go from there.