What do you mean by location portrait photography?

We love shooting portraits in the woods or by the beach as much as shooting a portrait in the studio. We have portable lighting systems to make sure we capture stunning photographs of your family, whether you choose the studio or somewhere personal to you. Lincolnshire is such a beautiful county with so many great outdoor spaces for photos, sometimes it seems silly not to take advantage of it.


We would like a portrait session in the studio, Where in Lincolnshire is it located?

Our studio space is located in the beautiful village of Raithby near Spilsby. We shoot in the old school building, which is where Carl's dad went to school many years ago.


How do I book you?

Contact us with where you would like your photoshoot to take place and if possible a list of dates you are free. We will then reply to arrange a date for your shoot and send a contract for you to complete and return. 


What should I wear?

The simple answer is something that makes you feel good. We have created a guide to portraits that you can download from here. This gives you advice on clothing and makeup as well as letting you know what to expect from a photoshoot with us.


Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured for public liability up to two million pounds. If you wish to see a copy of insurance documents, please ask.


I have seen photographers on Facebook offering a family photoshoot and all of the images on CD for £50. Why are you so expensive?

Simply put, you are paying for the quality of photography we deliver. In our package, you get four prints from one of the best photo printers in the UK. We know that these are designed to last and will show your photos to the highest quality. Whilst a bunch of images on a disc may sound like good value, they really do not compare to a beautifully shot, professionally edited photograph, printed  out and taking pride of place in your houme.


What happens if my child has a tantrum during the shoot?

First of all relax! This behaviour is perfectly normal and we will not think you are the world's worst parents should this happen. We have several methods we use to get people to enjoy their shoot. Lisa & Carl have both worked in education, so are used to dealing with moody teenagers (and older members of the family). Sometimes a quick break is needed, or simply a ten minute snooze. We will work around you and do not clock watch. If our portrait shoot needs to go over by fifteen minutes but we get to capture that perfect smile, then you will be happy clients and we will be happy photographers.


What type of cameras do you use?

We use full frame Canon cameras coupled with the best lenses and professional lighting systems. This allows us to create a variety of looks for your portrait shoot whether in the studio or on location. If you want to talk f-stops or cameras, Carl is your man. 


How long do we wait to see our photographs?

We will get an online gallery of your photos to you within a week. Once you have chosen which prints you wish to order, it can take up to five working days for them to be delivered to your door. 


Where in Lincolnshire are you located and where do you cover?

We are based near Between Lincoln and the coast. We regularly cover the areas of Skegness, Boston, Woodall Spa & Louth and are happy to travel throughout the county and beyond.


We don't live in Lincolnshire, would you still be interested in shooting our portraits?

Of course. We are available throughout the United Kingdom. There may be a charge involved for travel depending on your location, but we will quote this to you at the time of booking, so you know exactly how much your portrait shoot will cost.


Why are some of your products so expensive?

We believe in offering the highest quality products to our customers. We have chosen our suppliers based on their quality and we have personal relationships with all of them. Whilst they may be a little more expensive than those you see on the high street, they are all hand made and we promise that you will be able to tell the difference in quality. All of our products are designed to look good, not only today, but for several years to come.


Do you ever do special offers?

We do from time to time, you will find our latest offers our Facebook page


Do you show all the photographs you shoot?

No. We weed out all the shots where people have their eyes closed or the flash didn't fire etc. This leaves you with only the best. Believe us, there will be plenty for you to choose from!


Do you personally retouch every image?

Yes, each image gets personally edited by us so it arrives with you looking its very best. This process includes colour correction and perfecting the exposure. However, this does not include full airbrushing of images like you will have seen in magazines. We do offer this service, but due to the complex work involved, it does come at an extra cost.


Do you shoot in black & white?

We shoot in digital and do process certain shots to black & white as we feel they work better that way.  We are happy to process any shots you require to black and white free of charge. Simply let us know the image number when you receive your photographs and we will do the rest.


Is it OK for us to take pictures during the shoot?

We like to make sure that we have the full attention of the person in front of the lens, so we kindly ask that you do not take photos during a portrait session. 


Are you available to shoot christenings or other events?

The simple answer is yes. Please get in touch with your requirements and let’s go from there.